As the holidays come around every year, I find myself actually tending to be more disciplined than ever. Don’t ask how… maybe it’s because I know how far down the rabbit hole I can go, if I allow myself. That said, it doesn’t mean making dinners or attending parties is super simple. There has to […]

  It’s summer time and with it comes the Fourth of July (in the US), Canada Day, and a host of other fun outdoor occasions. A big issue for those who socialize, is knowing how to make wise, healthy food and beverage choices, and actually opting for those healthier options in the moment (so there is no blimping up after every stinkin’ party). […]

I always enjoy working with to produce quality health and fitness content. My recent project with them was no exception! When asked to write and produce a photo shoot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises that are safe for the knees, I was immediately challenged. I’m a pilates instructor. Oh, I teach high intensity-style pilates, to […]

Did you know that you can get frostbite on your face and hands on a bitter-cold day? It sounds like the stuff of disaster snow-movies like “ALIVE” or “K2” but it’s true even if you’re living and working in the city (ESPECIALLY in Chicago this year)!

Ladies! Today, October 18, 2014, was declared World Orchids Day by the International Menopause Society! WOOT! Okay, I lied. They declared it World Menopause Day (but that’s because they didn’t get the memo on the new vernacular). Nevertheless, it’s a great idea to raise awareness among women, right?! The theme this year is the prevention of diseases after menopause. […]

Believe it or not, there are exercises that will enhance and improve your sex life. It’s true. I’ve done the research for, people. So, I spent the last few weeks working on a couple of posts – one for the ladies, and one for the men, as well as coordinating the photo shoot with fitness models […]