Every once in a while I review some of the products and services I utilize to make doing what I do (fitness / pilates) more manageable and enjoyable. So, when I stumbled upon these super cool, amazing leggings on Instagram, by a little company called Leggings by Jodi. Leggings by Jodi (@leggingsbyjodi) – they design and make these awesome tights – I followed them right away, because, Hey – cool leggings. (Check out your special coupon code below!)

Samples from their Instagram feed:

Leggings by Jodi on Instagram @leggingsbyjodiLeggings By Jodi - @leggingsbyjodi

After I followed, they did something somewhat unusual: they thanked me for following in a direct message.

I replied with praise-a-plenty for their SKULL leggings.

One thing led to another, and they agreed to send me a pair for a fair review… Not only that, (this is where you come in) they’re offering 20% off your purchase, when you use my special code: LISAJEY20

Skull Leggings


Though I wear leggings when I teach as well as while I’m exercising on my own…  you can most definitely wear these out, and I must admit, they look AMAZING on and are super flattering (even these, with the big, white skulls in the middle of my thighs). They hold everything in (essential for someone like me, who’s over 40 and, at times, somewhat-menopausal)! *Laughs Loudly* It’s not all butterflies and rainbows over here, people (not all the time, anyway).

I did have a tiny bit of an issue getting the bottom of the leggings on over my feet, though I have some pretty duck-like feet.

Skull Leggings


Bottom line is I love these leggings, and plan to buy more.

So here’s the lowdown on the fit/price/style, etc:

Style/Design: A+ – some of the coolest leggings around, IMHO!

Fit: True to size (Don’t think you can buy a size 4 and have it fit, when you should be in a size 6). And they look GREAT on!

Price: $$ (between $50-80 USD, average)




G0 to leggings-by-jodi.myshopify.com

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