Before I shout from the mountain tops

“Look out 2017, I’m coming for you!”…

let me give you some perspective.


As I reflected on 2016 these past few weeks, I spent some time trying to compile a list of things I was grateful for. 2015 was easy. I published my long-anticipated memoir “Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood: My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town” about my life as a newly divorced single mom, pursuing a career working in television in Hollywood some years back. Soon after, my book became the #1 bestselling new release in its category, and it remains in the top 500 books still in at least one of its categories, to this day. Additionally, it was my 50th birthday year, and my man of almost seven years and I planned a trip to Paris, France, England and Spain to celebrate!

So, when my hubs and I also decided to get MARRIED in September 2015 just before our Paris trip, we threw a huge engagement/birthday party locally, flew to Massachusetts for a small wedding, and jetted off on our honeymoon/birthday trip. I also worked hard to get in shape and lean out, because I always determined that the age of 50 would be my happiest, healthiest year… and it was, by far one of the best.


My two sons walked me down the aisle.

These two photos sum up 2015 for me:



Now, let’s talk about 2016, shall we?

Many I know had fantastic things happen in 2016. I started 2016 riding a wave of bountiful celebration over my book, my 50th and the wedding. Friends we hardly ever saw wanted to celebrate, people we didn’t know bought us drinks, the holidays came and went as we rang in 2016 and, wanting to savor every moment, I did just that… and gained over 15 pounds doing so!

Compared to the year before, at the onset, 2016 was filled with normal, everyday kinds of life events: work, play, and all the in between. It was a lighter year for my hubs (who is an actor) than we’d seen in a while, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Two significant (for me) things happened in 2016. The first thing was, my sister was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme. Yes, brain cancer (both she and I are already at high risk for breast, ovarian and a host of other cancers, because of our BRCA2 genetic mutations). This brought the celebrations of 2015 to a screeching halt, and seemed to immediately add fifteen pounds to my booty, which was already plumping up nicely (I eat more and workout less when I’m stressed and/or busy without planning ahead. Surprise! I also eat more when I am celebrating. Go figure.). The second thing that occurred in 2016, was one of the most divisive presidential elections in our nation’s history, after a tumultuous year of police shootings, racial tensions, terrorist attacks and threats, and a barrage of seemingly sudden deaths among some of the worlds most talented and beloved musicians, artists and creatives.

Here’s where I risk sounding like a privileged, spoiled, white American woman, leading a life of luxury, only concerned with the reading on the bathroom scale (bare with me): One would think I’d have much to be thankful for in 2016, because I took more than six weeks total off to travel!

Before you freak out read on.

In addition to taking two weeks to go on a first year wedding anniversary trip, I was also able to be with my sister for her first brain surgery in New Mexico, take some days here and there to ski, take two weeks (on two separate occasions) to fly to Houston to help care for my sister after a second brain surgery, and to relieve her daughter and our other sister on another occasion.

If I were reading this, I’d think Boo hoo hoo… she had such a rough year, taking off over six weeks … poor thing.

The truth is, I work very hard, and for good reason. I like the freedom it allows. I am a writer, an award-winning (and now bestselling) author, an event and television show producer (it’s great work, if you can get it), a sometime-publicist, as well as a marketing and social media professional. But my consistent bread and butter (and regular work schedule) comes from being a Pilates and Lagree Fitness instructor. (Also of note: our anniversary trip flights were paid for by dear friends, if you can believe it). I know I should be grateful for so much, especially because I was able to be with my sister. But if I could wave a magic wand, I would trade all of it to erase the whole brain cancer thing altogether. So, #thestruggleisreal, #yafeelme?

The sobering thought is that when life turns sour, it’s our ability to support and love one another that really makes the difference. So in the end, I am very thankful I had the freedom to be with my sister and also to travel and refuel with my husband, who is my joy, my best friend, and who feeds my soul.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t ready to move on from 2016. This sums it up for me:


Look out 2017!

Life’s repeated lesson to me is just how much I allow outside circumstances to dictate my behavior and healthy (or not so healthy) choices. So for 2017, I am claiming the following, because I know I can achieve anything for myself, if I am focused and determined. I am through allowing the pitfalls of life to sabotage my ability to be lean, healthy and strong! I’ve got a 2017 hit list for my hubs too (Did you know, he’s going to be on the cast of a hit television series this year, as well as at least one feature film? Oh, and the script he and his partners have been working on is going to sell. These are my intentions!).

I’m coming for you 2017!

Here’s my personal hit list for 2017:

  • Eat clean, healthy and lean, regardless of what stresses, heartache, struggles, parties, events, occasions, holidays or otherwise roll into my life! I am worth it.
  • Don’t allow my love for cooking and culinary exploration sabotage my lean, healthy goals. (I love to cook and bake, and it’s not always the healthiest).
  • Drink much less alcohol. Period.
  • Sleep well, nightly, as often as possible.
  • Get a great job! Yes! I am going back into the regular work force (though I’m not sure what it will look like. I love teaching pilates and will continue to do so, but I require more, so I can help take care of “things” as life rolls on)! There is no time like NOW.
  • Develop a solid exercise routine again, and invest in workouts that I love.
  • Pamper myself more. Massage? Facial? Sauna? Yes. All of the above, and more. I’m worth it.

Let’s do this together! Are you ready 2017? Because I am coming for you! How about you? Are you ready to CONQUER your year?

I will SEE YOU IN CLASS, if not in one I am teaching or leading via Skype, then while taking a class, right next to you. You may now hold me accountable.

Did you know that the calcium found in dairy products has been shown to reduce BELLY FAT? It’s true!

Tune in this Friday, January 9, 2014 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time

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I’ll be sharing some really tips (like the Belly Fat tip) to kickstart your fitness and health for 2014… Perhaps you simply want to achieve that SEXY YOU for 2014 — BRAVO! That’s great!

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