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In researching preventative measures for Dementia for my upcoming book “Getting Over Your Ovaries— How Make the Change of Life Your Bitch,”* I found an article online with some really GREAT tips for foods we can eat that will enrich and fortify our brains to prepare us for the risks associated with Alzheimer’s! It’s a great article, but when I’m shopping or working at my desk I need quick access to this stuff. I can’t always pull up a website, nor can I always remember where that website is. So, in the interest of fast accessibility, I put together this great info graphic that I can print and post by my desk.

Feel free to share, post, etc… but enjoy.

Download this graphic here.


Banana photo credit: Bob.Fornal / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Infographic image credit: Lisa Jey Davis, www.lisajeydavis.com  (content copyright CNN online)