If you’re reading this, you’re either in need of a magic key to success in dieting, or you can’t believe one exists, and you came here to laugh.

Perhaps I can help you either way.

Let’s first tackle the main reason diets fail (and when I say diet(s), I’m assuming you’re on a healthy diet of fresh raw and cooked vegetables, lean proteins and grains or fiber, and you’re not indulging in processed quick-fix diet products, or playing with fad diets that promise to drop the weight quick/once-and-for-all. If this is not true, and you require some assistance with this, contact me). Most diets fail because we have a big bad love affair with some of our favorite foods, and we’re scared to death of being deprived of them. We freak out, have heart palpitations and get separation anxiety before we have a chance to stop munching on that Snicker’s bar! The thought we’ll never be able to eat our favorite foods (or drinks) again, or we aren’t sure whether we can do without those favorite foods (or drinks) for any length of time — THAT thought sets us up for failure.



What if I told you it’s not about cutting those foods OUT of your diet? That you really just need to change how you think about food, or how you relate to food?

Listen: If eating a hot-fudge sundae brings you to your happy place like nobody’s business (hey, we all have good memories we associate with certain foods and occasions), far be it from me to tell you to stop eating them for the rest of your life. Life is to be lived, people! Just don’t allow the foods you love to turn you into that unhealthy and overweight person you’ve dreaded (and certainly don’t allow those foods to keep you there if you’re already overweight), because that is NOT healthy. Remember: life is to be lived. 

Here is the magic key to successful dieting people:  Add all of the right foods to your daily menu (some in large quantities – like green vegetables – if necessary), and stop worrying about cutting the bad foods out.

(Aren’t sure how to do this? Contact me).

Just because you try to live a healthy life doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy fattening or not-the-most-healthy-for-you foods. No, the key to being successful and maintaining your healthy weight is to forget about cutting foods out, per se. Simply put those foods in their appropriate place in your life – way behind all of the healthy (and yes, they are very tasty) foods that your body needs in order to develop a strong immune system, to regenerate healthy cells, to create healthy sleep patterns, to enable you to exercise and be active and so on. Remember, you need to make this work for a life time!

Forget about what you can’t have.  Simply approach your day knowing what healthy foods and nutrients your body requires, and make sure your body gets them (in their natural and “real” form – not in processed form). Fill up on those foods. That means you may have to cook and prep more of the foods you eat regularly, but that’s about it! If THAT is your norm on your regular days, then you will be fine for those unusual times when a little indulgence is called for. Like, for instance, when you are at a special event (say, visiting Fenway Park for a Red Sox game for the first time, and you want to have a Fenway Frank with grilled onions)! You’ll be all set if you’ve put healthy foods and choices FIRST most of the time.

Not-So-Healthy Foods Aren't Always Bad!

Eat healthy and live healthy (don’t forget how important being active is). Do it so you can enjoy every moment, people. You deserve it.


Special Occasions

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