I was talking with a friend in “BRCA bliss” the other day, and the subject came up of what it really looks like on the inside of the female body when a woman undergoes a full hysterectomy… basically, when she cleans house up in there. We also mused about what it is exactly that holds all the rest of the organs in place, when the female plumbing has been removed.

Then my funny friend (I’ll call her Silver Fox) laid this bombshell on me….

Wait for it…

 “All I know is that my organs aren’t falling out of my prissy (censored) when I walk.”

Okay. If this CRACKED you up as much as it did me, you’ll appreciate the graphic I made from a photo I took at my oncologic-gynecologist’s office (which I embellished with my own graphics).

Your Organs will NOT fall out!


To learn more about what really happens with full or partial hysterectomy, and what the inside of a woman’s body may look and feel like after a hysterectomy, I found this useful video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q80tlNKg3p4, and for information on whether your organs can drop out of you when you walk, click here: http://hysterectomyconsequences.com/developing_organ_prolapse_after_a_hysterectomy


And that, my friends, is all you need to know. For now. Until next time, that is.

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