One of the most important films of this generation is about to be released in major cities. How that film is received upon release will determine whether it’s made available to more cities and people. I’d like to help make that happen. That is a cue for you the reader to read just a bit more about it below and buy tickets for yourself or your friends and family in a city near you. THIS IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE!

DECODING ANNIE PARKER is about the race to discover the genetic mutation for Breast Cancer.


The film stars Oscar winner Helen Hunt and Oscar nominee Samantha Morton. It also stars Aaron Paul who will shock you with his wildly different, heart warming, gut wrenching, fist clenching performance… a performance that’s a vast departure from that of Walter White‘s side kick in Breaking Bad.

Needless to say the film is phenomenal – and I’d like to see it do extremely well. One scene where Samantha Morton is dealing with her disease and subsequent treatments choked me up. All I could see was my sister in her last weeks before she succumbed to ovarian cancer. But the truth is, Samantha deserves an Oscar for her work in the film. So does the director Steven Bernstein and the editor of that scene. Wow.

Steven gave me information about the film release and how we can help. Please read his information below. It could help the film but if you actually see the film it will also change you forever. Here is Steven Bernstein’s info. Please share it:

The film has a limited theatrical release (EOne) in 11 cities (12 screens) in the US. It opens May 2nd. If it does well on the opening weekend, the release will be extended and widened. To help ensure this until April 16th, we are selling advance tickets for the May 2nd through 4th screenings on our website.

We need as much help as possible in getting people to the opening weekend so the film gets a  wider release.

We understand there is a demand for this film in communities all over the US so in addition to the theatrical release we are working with a company called Gathr who are facilitating one off screenings in towns and cities where there is a demand of at least 50 to 100 people. People or groups/organizations can request a Gathr screening of Decoding Annie Parker at a theater near them on a Monday through Thursday. Once the required minimum of tickets is reserved the screening gets a green light and is shown there. We already have 50 Gathr screenings scheduled across the country with another 100 being processed. We are getting more requests every day but we need help fulfilling the minimum ticket requirements.

There is a “create a screening” button at the top of the Decoding Annie Parker Facebook page that allows you to request a Gathr screening or,

Here’s a link to the Gathr website to request a screening:


Here’s a link with a video we made to explain how the Gathr screenings work:



In addition to the theatrical release and the Gathr screenings, we are continuing  to allow Charities/Foundations and other organizations to build events (like the LA FORCE event you attended) around screenings of the movie to either help raise money or awareness or for educational purposes. People can contact me with inquiries for these special events and I will help facilitate their requests and let them know the costs and other details involved. Steven Bernstein the writer/director is often available to attend these special events as is the real Annie Parker.

Here are some other links that may be useful to you:

Official Theatrical Trailer – youtube link:




EOne (our US distributor website):

Don’t forget to buy your tickets people. I promise, this film will change you.

Here is the one-sheet:

Decoding Annie Parker One Sheet


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