Perhaps you’ve heard the children’s rhyme “Sugar and spice and everything nice… That’s what little girls are made of.”

But for today, we’re saying “Cinnamon spice, and everything nice!” 

There is apparently A LOT of “nice” in cinnamon… More than I ever realized. The fact cinnamon boosts your brain power was already on my radar, but did you know it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, and fights off fat storage?

THIS, my friends, is welcome news, especially for those of us whose bodies tend to store the fat (raises hand).

If you’re in Orchids (you know, that ‘Change of Life’ thing I renamed?), your body stores fat. In fact women’s bodies store fat for a number of reasons, and it’s not always with the healthiest results.

I found this little “reveal” about cinnamon on Staness Jonekos’ website for her new book and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Time to stock up on that cinnamon! But first, here is Staness’ post:

We all enjoy a dash of cinnamon in a hot cocoa or on a yummy snickerdoodle, but is it time we start adding it to more delicious recipes? Yes. 

Cinnamon has incredible benefits for women!

Not only does it have anti-inflammatory agents, but it also helps fight fat storage. Women need that since our fat cells are FIVE TIMES the size of our male counterparts’. The spice is also a great source of fiber for digestion, and it’s rich in calcium for to help keep our bones healthy. So swap out some sugar for some delicious cinnamon.

If you need some recipe ideas to add cinnamon to your diet, try acorn squash for a healthy side dish or cinnamon oranges for a quick, delicious dessert!

To learn more about foods that are particularly good for us gals, check out my new book, Eat Like A Woman. Stop dieting and learn how to enjoy food (and don’t worry, there’s always room for dessert)!



I think I’ll order my decaffeinated Americano with a dash of cinnamon next time. Yum!

Tell me what you think about this! Do you have a tasty cinnamon recipe you can share? Please send it to me and I will share it here!